Why do some bike trails go under water?

Fortunately, the Miami Conservancy District’s flood protection system keeps high river water levels in the river channel – and out of our communities. The managed lands that are part of this system are also available to locate the bike trails – so trail users don’t have to walk, run, or ride on the roads. MCD’s riverfront levees and preserved floodplains provide a unique venue for recreation such as bike trails, riverfront parks, and boat launches. But that also means these places store water to safely pass through the city during heavy rains.

Bike trail and river conditions just a couple clicks away

By Sarah Hippensteel Hall, Ph.D., manager of watershed partnerships Before you head out on your next cycling or paddling adventure along the Great Miami, be sure to check out bike trail and river conditions. It’s always best to know before you go! The live Bike Trail and River Conditions Map on the Great Miami Riverway website helps … Continue reading Bike trail and river conditions just a couple clicks away

Regional trails draw worldwide attention

By Angela Manuszak, Special Projects Coordinator Many everyday items that make life easier were invented in the Dayton region. The airplane. The pop-top can. The cash register. Dayton is also home to some pretty amazing, more natural creations, too, namely, our rivers – and the hiking and biking trails near them. And while our trails … Continue reading Regional trails draw worldwide attention