MCD is all about water.
Protecting. Preserving. Promoting.

Flood Protection

People and businesses along the Great Miami River in southwest Ohio enjoy life without flooding concerns. MCD’s system of five dry dams, retarding basins, 55 miles of levees, and preserved floodplain provide a nearly unparalleled level of protection.

Water Stewardship

Water is the key to healthy people and healthy communities. MCD monitors and protects our region’s water.


And water isn’t just for drinking. Rivers are outdoor playgrounds. MCD is working to bring more and more people to the river.


Thriving communities, a healthy watershed and a higher quality of life, sustained by well-managed water resources throughout the watershed.


Protecting lives, property and economic vitality within the Great Miami River Watershed through an integrated and balanced system that provides unfailing flood protection, preserves water resources, and promotes enjoyment of our waterways.

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